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Aesthetic Treatments Are Not Just for Women

When you think of cosmetic treatments, most people immediately imagine a woman applying a cream to her face, or lying back receiving a botox injection to her brow. But the truth is, this image is quite unfair, as men can surely benefit from the same procedures. Just like women, men are often concerned with taking care of their skin. They too wish to find the fountain of youth to turn back the hands of time and make wrinkles disappear. They also wish to have smooth, acne-free skin. So, fellas, this one’s for you. Here are the top aesthetic treatments that any guy can try.

1. Botox

No matter how many magazines, billboards, or commercial ads you see featuring a woman, Botox is a procedure performed on both men and women alike. This targeted procedure requires the injection of botulinum toxin into a wrinkle-prone area of the face (or in some cases, the neck and hands). For me, Botox is often injected into the forehead/brow and around the eyes to get rid of stubborn crow’s feet.

Botox may not be a popular choice due to the irrational fear of contracting botulism (the poison associated with botox) and unnatural looking results. These fears come from the terrible images of overly-botoxed celebrities and horror stories found on the internet.

While any procedure has risks and side effects, keep in mind that as long as you seek treatment from professionals, you’ll be fine. This article will explain a bit more about botox and what you can expect.

2. Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a more natural alternative to Botox and are a perfect solution for busy men. Dermal fillers are injectable solutions made up of hyaluronic acid and sometimes lidocaine (a natural lubricating substance in our bodies) that helps to fill out sunken and wrinkled areas on our face and hands. What’s great about dermal fillers is that they last for quite some time, even up to two years depending on the brand of injection. You can learn more about dermal fillers here.

3. Light Therapy

We’re not talking about those cute light masks for teen acne. No, this is the in-office light therapy treatment that’ll zap away any acne scars and help smooth out deep wrinkles. Using light that emits a certain wavelength, a dermatologist will pass a beam of light over your skin. This beam of light interacts with the pigmentation cells within your skin to get rid of acne scars and dark spots. It’ll also activate the collagen underneath the surface of your skin, helping your skin to puff or fill out, getting rid of deep wrinkles. This article tells you a bit more about light therapy and how it works.

4. Chemical Peels

For you men who like a little something more hard-hitting, chemical peels may be for you. During this treatment, a dermatologist will apply a mixture of salicylic acid and other compounds onto your face. Soon the mixture will cause the skin to blister and peel away. Once the top layer of the skin is gone, a new, untouched layer of smooth skin will appear.

The fact of the matter is any and all cosmetic skin treatments are perfectly suitable for men.

Men, if you’re ready for flawless skin and are in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, our experts at The Dermatology Group are ready to give you all of the advice, resources, and treatment options you need. Give us a call today!

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