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Best Skin Products for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Preparing to have or already having a bundle of joy can be one of the most joyous moments in a mom’s life. Yet as she takes care of her little one, she also has to be diligent in taking care of herself. When you are pregnant or breastfeeding, watching what you eat and how much you exercise aren’t the only things you need to pay attention to. Choosing which skin care products to use is just as important. We often forget, but these products affect our system just as much as food does. That’s because the ingredients in any skin care product seep into your skin and can manipulate your system, and if you’re breastfeeding and/or pregnant, they affect your baby too. So to help you determine what’s safe for you and your little one, we’ve put together this list of the best skin care products for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How to Treat Your Skin When Pregnant or Breastfeeding

1. Products Without Retinoids

In skin care, most people turn to retinoids to get much-needed vitamin A. Retinoids are like the holy grail in skin care and are deemed absolutely necessary to achieve flawless skin. Once the compound enters the body, it is turned into retinol and plays a vital role in eye health, a functioning immune system, and also the reproductive system.

That being said, it is believed that retinol in high doses can lead to birth defects and other complications. Luckily, over-the-counter products typically use retinol in low doses, but if you find that retinol makes one too many appearances in your skin care routine, you may want to consider holding off on a product or two.

2. Products That Contain Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is one of the most effective ingredients when battling acne, and we know how much of a problem that can be during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Certain products that focus on fighting acne, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and working to brighten your skin typically contain glycolic acid.

While it is considered generally safe and effective, high doses can be problematic. So be sure to use products containing glycolic acid in moderation.

3. Topical Antioxidants (Vitamin C, K, and B3)

You can think of antioxidants as the soldiers on the front line fighting off free radicals and other toxins looking to damage your skin. Vitamins C, K, and B3 are great sources of antioxidants. Not only do they help give your skin a healthy glow, but they are also great for mom and baby as they can help boost the immune system.

4. Natural Moisturizers

Having dry skin while pregnant or breastfeeding can be both uncomfortable and irritating, but that doesn’t mean you should reach for just any old moisturizer. Instead, opt for something with natural ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter, or even hyaluronic acid. Be sure to read the label and do a quick Google search for questionable ingredients.

5. Mineral-Based Sunscreen

Protecting yourself from having sun damaged skin and wearing sunscreen is important when you’re not pregnant and even more paramount when you are, but just like your moisturizer, you have to be careful about the type of sunscreen you use. Many types of sunscreen are chemical-based, which can be harmful for the baby. Use mineral-based sunscreen instead. It will contain ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium oxide.

While reading the labels of your go-to skin care products is a must, you should also visit a licensed dermatologist to see exactly what is safe for you and your baby. If you’re in Cincinnati, Ohio, we can help. Our experts at The Dermatology Group can help you determine what is safe and what should be left on the shelf and even offer cosmetic dermatology treatments to help you safely maintain flawless skin. Give us a call today!

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