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Cocktail Party Coming Up? How to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

So you have a fancy cocktail party coming up, or some other swanky get-together? We know how important it is to look your best, and that includes having zero unwanted hair. Whether it’s on your legs, arms, or you’re concerned with facial hair, there’s no need to panic. Here are the top ways to get rid of your unwanted hair just on time for that party.


How to Get Rid of Hair for a Cocktail Party


Shaving has always been a tried and true method for quickly getting rid of hair, especially if you’re short on time. But before you bring out that razor, consider the pros and cons. The pros include instant hair removal and perfect for last-minute prep that you can easily do it at home. The cons are that hair grows back faster than any other method and there’s a risk of nicks, bumps, and irritated skin.


Dating way back to the ancient Egyptians, waxing has been a go-to method for hair removal. This beauty trend has survived for centuries and men and women today still rely on waxing. Thanks to its quick results, waxing is a viable hair removal option for your party. There are two main waxing methods used to remove hair:

Strip waxing is the technique where wax is spread on the treated area with a strip of wax paper laid on top. This paper is then gently pressed into the wax to ensure the wax has adhered. Once it’s secure, the paper is then quickly pulled away in the opposite direction of growth, pulling out the hairs in the process.

Hard wax applies the same concept as strip waxing in which wax is used to tear away the hair. However, with hard waxing, there is no need for wax paper. Instead, warm wax is poured and spread on the treated area and allowed to cool. Once cool, the wax hardens with each hair follicle trapped in the wax. The wax is then pulled away from the skin, plucking the hair follicles from their pores. This method is less painful than strip waxing though some may still experience discomfort.

After waxing, the hair generally grows back in approximately four weeks. So if you have a moment to get waxed, you can feel free to do so days before the party. However, we suggest waxing more than 3 days prior to the event as redness and irritation may occur and be present for a few days.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is hair removal for the modern age. Using a high-tech laser that emits light of a specific wavelength, this light interacts with the cells within the hair follicles, rupturing them with enough exposure. As the cells die, eventually so does the hair follicle. After a few days, the treated hairs will begin to fall out.

With multiple treatments, the hair will eventually stop growing back, making laser hair removal a viable solution for permanent hair removal.

While laser hair removal may seem like the go-to solution, please keep in mind that this may not be a great option if your cocktail party is within a day or two. Laser hair removal can take up to three days for the hair to completely disappear. It is by no means a quick solution garnering instant results.

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