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Don’t Have Sweat Stains in Your Holiday Pictures. Get a Hyperhidrosis Treatment

With the holidays approaching, you and your loved ones are most likely anticipating all of the family fun that comes with this time of year. Parties and gatherings, on the other hand, suggest hugs and kisses, warm handshakes, and plenty of catch-up chats, so you’ll almost certainly get a bit closer with folks than you do during other times of the year. Not to mention the memories you’ll want to document. Just imagine snapping one pic after the other, and with every snap, you have sweaty underarm patches. Don’t have sweat stains in your holiday pictures. Here are the best hyperhidrosis treatments for you to get this holiday season.

Hyperhidrosis symptoms affect various parts of your body, such as your hands, feet, or underarms. Depression, anxiety, hormonal fluctuations, and stress can all induce hyperhidrosis symptoms and cause excessive sweating. Excessive perspiration can also be caused by a variety of illnesses, including low blood sugar, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, menopause, and infections. Here’s how to keep your hyperhidrosis under control so that your holiday experiences are pleasantly unforgettable.

Remedies to Excessive Sweating

Medicated Antiperspirants

This is the cheapest over-the-counter medication that any specialist would recommend right away. Talcum powders, roll-ons, and aerosol sprays are available to those who suffer from hyperhidrosis. Sweat draws the antiperspirant in while it sits on the skin, blocking the sweat glands. Antiperspirants may, however, produce skin irritation such as acne and a burning feeling, so be sure to speak to your dermatologist before using any medicated antiperspirant.

Botox Injections

Botox injections use botulinum toxins to reduce sweating and can persist for five to eight months until nerve regeneration occurs. Once the effect wears off, you can go in for another round of injections. Again, check with your dermatologist for Botox injections to ensure you are the perfect candidate for this type of treatment.


Sympathectomy is a common surgical procedure performed in the operating room under general anesthesia to aid in the treatment of hyperhidrosis. The expert dermatologist advises you on how the procedure will be performed prior to the surgery. When you’re prepped and ready to go, the surgeon destroys some nerves that send sweat signals to the sweat glands, significantly reducing the sweat produced.

Lifestyle Changes

In addition to exploring the above treatment options, there are a few changes you can make at home. We know that wearing a black t-shirt and a light jacket to hide any sweat spots is a go-to option, but it may not be the best solution. Wearing more layers of clothing when they aren’t necessary increases your chances of sweating. Under these conditions, the body’s sweat glands are obliged to produce perspiration in order to cool the body down. Eliminating those extra layers of clothing and maintaining a constant temperature can significantly reduce sweat production and garment stains.

You might be able to help your chosen hyperhidrosis treatment work even better by altering some of your everyday behaviors as well. Bacteria on the skin can block pores and cause sweating. It may be decreased by doing things like washing your hands every day. It can also help to keep your skin dry after showering, especially in the armpits and in between your toes. Your feet will breathe better too if you buy shoes and socks made of natural fibers rather than synthetic materials. If you choose natural textiles like silk, wool, cotton, and moisture-wicking socks, this is extremely effective. Stress-relieving activities like meditation and yoga, for example, can help you relax while also lowering the quantity of sweat you produce.

If you’re in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, then you’re in luck, because our experts at The Dermatology Group are here to offer you advice, resources, and any treatment options you may need. Give us a call today!

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