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Facials: Should I Steam My Face Before or After Cleansing

Steam has been used to calm and invigorate people for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Today, we still enjoy steaming up in saunas, spas, or even a hot shower.

The skin produces new cells every 30 days on average; however, this varies depending on age and environmental variables. Not to mention that the rate of cell turnover reduces as we get older. That being said, not all of the dead cells are completely shed. Your skin may appear dry and flaky as a result of the absence of shedding. In combination with sebum (natural skin oil), these dead skin cells may clog your pores. So the question becomes, “Do you cleanse before or after steaming your face?”

Before steaming, most experts recommend a light cleanse. Cleansing before steaming aids in the removal of any remaining dead skin cells. Since the pores may dilate with heat, this avoids further clogging. However, if you don’t also cleanse your face after the procedure, those dead cells may clog your pores once more.

The fact of the matter is, steam facials are fantastic skincare procedures that promote thorough pore cleansing and increased circulation to the face, as well as a healthy shine. Acne breakouts such as blackheads, whiteheads, and other skin infections are often caused by clogged pores, making steaming your face one of the most effective skincare routines. Warm steam stimulates your face to sweat, which opens pores and softens the top layer of dead skin cells, allowing dirt and debris stored in pores to be released, resulting in cleaner skin.

Benefits of Steaming Your Face

Improved Circulation

Warm steam combined with increased sweating dilates blood vessels and improves circulation. Your skin will be nourished and oxygenated as a result of this increase in blood flow. The end effect is a glowing complexion that is both natural and healthy.

Allows Bacteria and Cells That Cause Acne to Escape

The dead skin cells, bacteria, and other impurities that clog pores and lead to acne can be released by opening your pores through steaming.

Allows Trapped Sebum to Be Released

The sebaceous glands in your skin and hair create this naturally occurring oil to lubricate them. When sebum is stuck beneath the surface of your skin, it serves as a breeding ground for bacteria, resulting in acne and blackheads. Steaming your face helps to release some of that sebum.

Aids in the Absorption of Skincare Products

The permeability of the skin is increased by steam, allowing skincare products to be absorbed more effectively. This means that products applied after steam give you more bang for your buck.

Encourages the Production of Collagen and Elastin

Collagen and elastin formation is aided by the increased blood flow encountered during a steam facial. As a result, your skin looks firmer and younger with fewer wrinkles.

Soothes Your Skin

The feel of warm steam on your face is relaxing. Aromatherapy, which involves the use of dried herbs or essential oils, might help you to relax even more during your steam session.

Both cleansing and steaming are beneficial to the skin. The finest results are obtained by steaming after cleansing then cleansing again for the best possible results. The most important thing is to avoid irritating your skin by not overdoing either of the processes. After steaming, some people find that using a face mask helps.

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