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Female Hair Loss? We Can Help!

Female hair loss is more common than you may realize. Luckily, with dermatological advances, there is something you can do about your thinning hair. Here is how we can help.

Causes of Female Hair Loss

Even with decades of research and the latest in technology at their disposal, scientists still aren’t quite sure what causes hair loss for women (or men). However, there have been proven factors that can contribute to female hair loss. These factors may include pregnancy, a thyroid disorder, certain hairstyles, overuse of harmful hair care products, autoimmune disease, inconsistencies in diet, and of course, genetics.

With so many possible causes for female hair loss, it is extremely difficult to pinpoint a single cause to carry all the blame. For example, a mild and easily remediated cause is when a woman often wears tight ponytails and has a history of hair thinning in women in her family. But there are other potential causes that are more difficult to understand and treat.

Some women experience hair loss due to medical conditions like an autoimmune disease or thyroid condition. Any type of autoimmune disorder occurs when the body begins to see itself as a foreign invader and begins to attack specific parts of the body. When this happens, the body begins to see certain hair follicles as the enemy and will begin to attack it. As antibodies attack the hair, the cells begin to die, causing the follicle to fall out.

Women commonly experience hair loss during pregnancy as well. For many, this is due to stress and even shock. Some believe that it’s also due to hormonal changes.

Once all possible factors have been corrected and/or changed, certain treatment options can be implemented to help hair grow back. One of the most common treatments for hair growth is Minoxidil, commonly known by its brand name Rogaine. Beyond topical treatment, there’s also the option for oral medication like Propecia. Before beginning any of these treatments, you’ll want to speak with a dermatologist to make sure it’s right for you.

How We Can Help

We understand how frustrating hair loss can be. That’s why the professionals at The Dermatology Group in Cincinnati, Ohio, take the time to determine the best plan of action for you.

One of the first things we must determine is whether or not there’s an underlying medical condition causing the hair loss. If there is, the best course of action is to treat that condition. For example, if the condition is autoimmune-related, then steroids may be a good treatment method, as they will suppress the immune system and stop the attack. Once it is treated, it’s typical for the hair loss to cease, and in most situations, the hair will grow back.

We will also take a look at your daily habits. Everything from what you eat to what you use to wash your hair, may factor into the cause of hair loss. Your regular hair care can also contribute to female hair loss. Many shampoos that contain parabens, sulfates, polyethylene, phthalates, and formaldehyde are all dangerous and harmful to your hair.

To find out which hair loss treatment is right for you, we highly encourage you to reach out to us for a consultation. Give us a call today!

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