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How Old Should I Be Before I Start Noticing Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a tricky condition to pin down. With so many different causes, factors, and possibilities, it’s never easy to pinpoint where the blame lies or even how to anticipate possible hair loss. Nonetheless, thanks to the hard work of scientists and researchers, there seem to be a few common denominators that show up in most cases. One of those factors is age. Age seems to play a pivotal role in hair loss, but even still, it’s not the same for everybody. Let’s dive a bit into how age factors into hair loss and how old you should be before you start to notice it.

What to Know About Hair Loss

Understanding Hair Loss

It’s important not to confuse normal hair loss with a hair loss condition like alopecia areata. The average human loses 50 to 100 strands of hair every day. This normal hair loss is caused by the production of new hair cells. As the new cells are created and formed into strands, they push old cells (strands) out of the scalp. It is this continuous cycle of replacement that causes us to lose strands of hair daily.

However, if you notice patches of hair falling out and not being replaced or your hair is thinning thanks to random spots of hair follicles not being replaced, then you may be experiencing alopecia areata. This is an unnatural condition that is often referred to as male and female pattern baldness. It is still unknown as to what exactly causes it, but age has been theorized as a factor.

Hair Loss and Age

As we age, our hair growth slows down gradually. This means that it takes longer for the new hair cells to grow after pushing out the old ones. The decreased speed of growth isn’t the only factor of aging. Our bodies also struggle with producing keratin. Keratin is the vital protein found in our hair and nails. With less keratin available, our hair follicles are unable to grow as thick and strong as they once did. This causes our hair to look thinner and finer. So our once full, coarse hair is now thin and brittle. The hair follicles will even eventually stop producing new strands, causing your hair to stop growing altogether.

But at what age do you start to notice these issues? This number is different for many people. It could start as early as your late teens or as late as your early 50s or 60s. There are many different factors that determine a person’s hair loss. This includes their diet, family history, stress levels, sleep schedule, hair care routine, and medical conditions.

The best way to determine whether or not hair loss at your age is normal for you is to consult your dermatologist and discuss your lifestyle, family medical history, and the current state of your health. Only then will a professional be able to offer you sound advice.

If you happen to be in Cincinnati, Ohio, our experts at The Dermatology Group can do that for you. Book a consultation with us today and find out if your hair loss is normal or even discuss possible hair loss treatment.

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