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How to Address Skin Issues Every Decade

There’s no doubt that a lot of things change as we get older. One of those things is definitely our skin. As a matter of fact, our skin is the most obvious sign of aging. As we mature, our skin evolves, which means how we deal with it must also change. If we don’t allow our skin care routine to adapt to our aging skin, skin will suffer. That’s why we put together this cheat sheet to help you care for your skin every decade.

20 – 30s

Smooth skin filled with collagen and elastin, few wrinkles (if any), and that youthful glow. Taking care of your skin at this age is mostly about prevention: preventing wrinkles, preventing sun damaged skin, and preventing sagging and drooping. Beyond prevention, 20- to 30-somethings may also have to deal with adult acne. These remnants from teenhood can be exasperating. There are multiple treatment options available. For wrinkle prevention, you may want to consider a good night cream, always wear SPF 30+, and for those who see the very beginning signs of aging and are over 25, Botox. Botox can actually train your face not to crease in certain areas. If you can stop the habit of skin creasing, you can prevent the creation of future wrinkles. To treat your acne, you can rely on clinical facials and chemical peels. These treatment options work to repair and rebuild your skin. Talking to your dermatologist early and through every decade will help you decide what is best for your skin.

40s – 50s

At this point in your life, wrinkles tend to become very noticeable. Wrinkles aren’t the only issues either. Dry skin can also be problematic, but worst of all, your risk for skin cancer increases. To tackle wrinkles, you can rely on a number of cosmetic treatments like chemical peels, Botox, dermal fillers, and microneedling. Dry skin can be solved with daily moisturizing and an SPF of 30+. Skin cancer is a bit more serious but early detection is key. Your 40s and 50s is the perfect time to truly commit to skin cancer screenings. Screenings and mole evaluation are essential in the battle to prevent skin cancer. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen every time you go out and limit your time in the sun.


You’re never too old to have amazing skin. When you reach this level of maturity, you tend to deal with very visible sun spots, wrinkles, and of course, the risk of skin cancer is even greater. Skin cancer screenings and sunscreen are paramount. Deep wrinkles brought on by age can be taken care of with Botox, fillers, and other cosmetic procedures. Sunspots can be taken care of with the help of laser therapy and other cosmetic procedures like dermaplaning.

If you take care of your skin throughout your life, you will see results for years to come. Nonetheless, everyone’s skin is different. What works for one individual may not work for another. So it’s important that you speak with a dermatologist about a routine that works for you.

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