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How to Get Clear Skin This Fall

With fall right around the corner, you’re probably wondering how you can give yourself a fresh start and keep up with what fall throws at your skin. Here are the best ways to get clear skin this season.

1. Get a Chemical Peel

There may be plenty of ways to get clear skin, but one of the easiest and most effective is to get a chemical peel. Chemical peels are a great way to see immediate results that get better with time.

In this cosmetic dermatology procedure, your dermatologist will apply a chemical mixture to your face. This mixture creates micro-injuries, causing your face to become highly concentrated in collagen. Over the next few days, the collagen will go to work to rebuild the damaged skin cells and essentially create a whole new layer of skin. This new skin will have fewer pimples, fewer wrinkles, and fewer acne scars and dark spots.

Your dermatologist will walk you through what will happen to your skin and what to expect after the initial procedure.

2. Get a Good Facial Every Now and Then

There’s nothing like going to the spa and feeling pampered, but spas aren’t only good at making you feel great; they also pay special attention to your cosmetic needs. With that being the case, a good facial could target certain conditions like acne, oily or dry skin, etc. When your dermatologist recognizes your skin issues, they can plan a facial accordingly to ensure that you do not get hurt.

Certain types of facials, like acne facials, are made specifically to aid in the healing and clearing of your skin without further inflaming it in any way. The kind of facial you need may change depending on the season, too. So this fall, talk to your dermatologist about what’s best for you.

3. Make Dermaplaning a Part of Your Routine

Dermaplaning is another procedure that is done in-office that uses micro-injuries to promote the production of collagen and heal the face. Instead of using a chemical mixture, however, dermatologists will use a razor-like tool and diligently and carefully scrape the face at an angle. This is essentially manual exfoliation, and it clears the skin of oil buildup, dirt, grime, blackheads, whiteheads, and even peach fuzz.

Once your face is cleaned, the collagen goes to work to speed up healing and help create a healthier layer of skin.

4. Revamp Your Diet

They say you are what you eat, and it’s true. If you have a poor diet, you will have issues with your skin. If you eat a diet high in vitamins, fruits, and vegetables, your skin will reflect this. Avoid anything fried, refined sugars, processed meats, and an overload of carbs. These not only make you gain weight and can be damaging to your health, but they also may worsen acne and other skin conditions.

These tips will help you get your skin clean and clear this fall. If you’re in Cincinnati, Ohio, and want more personalized advice, our experts at The Dermatology Group can help! Give us a call today!

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