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How to Keep My Skin Clear and Moisturized

Having flawless skin isn’t always a matter of cosmetic preference. It is also a sign of good health. So the question is, how can we achieve healthy skin that stays clear and moisturized? With a simple routine and a bit of determination, flawless skin can be right around the corner.

1. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Even though we learn that a healthy diet is essential for a healthy body, we often overlook the benefits it gives your skin. A diet high in sugars and fats can cause acne. Everyone is different, but individuals who choose to consume less sugar observed that cutting added sugar from diets actually leads to clearer skin and less frequent acne outbreaks.

2. Understand Your Skin Type

Everyone has a different skin type and knowing yours can be crucial when developing a skincare routine to keep it clear and moisturized. Some people have dry skin that struggles with producing its own oils. It may flake often and itch regularly and is prone to cracking. On the opposite side of this scale is oily skin. Oily skin produces too much sebum (natural oil). Individuals with oily skin tend to have large, clogged pores, have a chance for more breakouts, and have a shiny or a greasy appearance. It is important to know your skin type so you can balance it out. Those with dry skin will want a thicker moisturizer that will help lock in moisture. Those will oily skin, may want to use water-based products to deter any more buildup.

3. Select the Right Moisturizer

Selecting the right moisturizer can make all the difference between having clear skin and suffering from bumps and blemishes. Your skin can change season by season or as you age, so ask your dermatologist and discuss which type of moisturizer is right for you. They can recommend a moisturizer for your exact skin type for daytime and nighttime. For daytime, always choose a moisturizer with SPF 30 or higher.

4. Get Enough Rest

Getting enough sleep is just as important as eating a healthy diet. When you don’t get enough rest, you don’t give your body enough time to restore itself from the day’s activities. This can cause your skin to dehydrate and alter it’s texture. Sleep deprivation has even been attributed to skin inflammation. This can lead to frequent breakouts and flare ups of conditions like psoriasis and eczema. It’s also the cause of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.

5. Wash Your Face Daily

You can’t achieve clear skin with dirty skin. Washing your face gets rid of dirt, oil buildup and other impurities that lead to breakouts and an overall ruddy appearance. Be sure to wash your face twice daily; in the morning and most importantly, before bed. If you have extra dry skin in cooler months, use a gentle cleanser at night and splash water on your face in the morning.

As you can see, maintaining a healthy routine and lifestyle can give you the clear and moisturized skin you desire, but sometimes, it can be difficult to achieve. Certain cosmetic dermatology procedures like dermaplaning, acne facials, and even chemical peels, can help you along. If you’re in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, our experts at The Dermatology Group can help you explore options and offer you resources and advice. Give us a call today!

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