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Hyaluronic Acid 101

You’ve heard of it before. You’ve seen them talk about it on infomercials, seen it in a magazine ad, and maybe you even know how to spell it. But what the heck is it? We’re talking about hyaluronic acid and we’re going to give you the basic ins and outs of this mysterious substance, how it’s used and how it can benefit you.


What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a thick, clear liquid naturally found in our bodies, more predominantly in our eyes, skin and connective tissue. This sticky substance is responsible for locking in moisture to keep our tissue from drying out. It also aids in keeping cartilage nice and lubricated. This helps to keep our joints moving smoothly. However, it is hyaluronic acid’s role in our general skincare that makes it so interesting. Whenever the skin is damaged, for example being sunburnt, hyaluronic acid is forced to halt production. When this happens, our skin dries out. It loses its elasticity and seemingly falls flat. This reaction has led scientists to discover the benefits hyaluronic acid could have in helping to replenish our skin.

How is hyaluronic acid used?

Once dermatologists realized how much of a positive effect hyaluronic acid has on our skin, all bets were off. In no time at all, hyaluronic acid was being made in labs and transformed into oral supplements, injected dermal fillers, cream, and topical serums. These methods have been proven to improve overall skin health, by making the skin smoother and more supple.

How does it work?

Over the years, our skin takes quite a beating. Sun exposure, acne, oil build-up, injuries, harsh cleaners and even the application of makeup are just a few ways we put our skin through the wringer. Remember that hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by our bodies. Well, as our skin becomes more and more damaged over time, our production of hyaluronic acid starts to decrease. This is why the older we get, the more elasticity we lose and the less smooth our skin becomes. However, when hyaluronic acid is reintroduced to the body, the “goo” binds to the water molecules giving it even greater moisturizing capabilities. The skin then reacts positively to the added moisture. It’s almost as if you are deeply moisturizing your skin from the inside out.

How can hyaluronic acid benefit me?

For injections: Hyaluronic acid injections are becoming increasingly popular in the world of skincare. Popularly known as dermal fillers, these injections target specific problem areas. This includes the cheeks, around the lips, and nose, into the lips and even the back of the hand. In these cases, the hyaluronic acid injection works to fill out the treated areas that were once wrinkled and sagging.

For oral supplements: The tablets have been known to increase the amount of moisture in the skin, thus smoothing it out and making you look younger.

For topical treatments: These creams and serums kind of work like the reversed version of supplements. Instead of promoting moisture from the inside out, topical treatments work from the outside in. It’s also a targeted treatment like injections, increasing the chances of positive results.

Beyond basic skincare, hyaluronic acid can also promote healing. Whenever your skin is injured, highly concentrated levels of hyaluronic acid flood the injured area to promote healing. This is why when we get older and our hyaluronic acid production decreases, we take longer to fully heal. Applying topical serums to certain wounds can speed up regeneration.

Remember how hyaluronic acid is present in our cartilage? Well, it’s only logical that it could help to relieve joint pain. Target injections can have an immediate effect on your sore joints, giving them the necessary lubrication required to move smoothly.

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