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Is My Skin Right for a Chemical Peel?

Beautiful, glowing skin is what we all aim for. We often spend so much time and money to get younger-looking, beautiful, and flawless skin. The bummer is that every day, all day, our skin inevitably becomes dry from exposure to impurities such as oil, pollution, and dirt, making the pores appear larger than usual. Luckily, a chemical peel can help get rid of all of that, but is a chemical peel right for your skin? Let’s find out.

What is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a relatively painless induction of injury by the application of chemical solutions to your outermost skin layer. Over a short period of time, your skin will heal and regenerate, giving it a fresh look and feel of baby-soft smoothness.

Are Chemical Peels Safe for Me?

Every skin type has varying reactions to procedures like chemical peels – for better and for worse. Sensitive skin may experience rough side effects such as swelling and blistering, which can be quite uncomfortable. Those with severe acne and cysts should also avoid this procedure, as it can exacerbate your condition.

The good news is that there is a chemical peel procedure that favors many skin types. There are varying levels of strengths and potency with the chemical solutions used in the procedure. This means that if your skin is on the sensitive side, you can opt for a softer solution. Regardless, your specific skin type will determine the type of peel that works for you.

Why a Chemical Peel?

For many of us, we become a little apprehensive about using chemical treatments on our skin. Yes, maintaining a balanced diet, regular exercise, hydrating, and choosing the right make-up for your skin type are all ways to get clear skin. However, getting a chemical peel can give you much faster and more drastic results.

How Does it Help My Skin?

After the procedure, over a short period of time, the injured and dead skin will begin peeling off. Your skin will then heal and regenerate, giving it a fresh look and a feeling of baby-soft smoothness.

This procedure significantly improves and corrects skin conditions such as:

  • acne
  • skin rashes
  • sun damage on skin
  • scarring
  • dermatitis
  • uneven skin tone
  • wrinkling

Preparing for a Chemical Peel

Before opting for a chemical peel, please note that years of skin damage such as raised acne scars may be tough to remove completely.

To minimize the risk of harming your skin after, avoid exfoliating several days before your appointment. It’s also a good idea to refrain from using any anti-aging products. The key is to avoid making your skin sensitive before seeing your dermatologist.

Caring for Your Skin Post-Procedure

Your skin will take several days or weeks to heal after the chemical peel depending on the strength of the solution you use. Proper after-care will give the skin the end result you’ll be expecting. Always remember to use sunscreen regularly and to wear protective gear like sunglasses, sun hats, etc. to protect your skin from the effects of the sun’s harshness, which may reverse the procedure. Moisturize and hydrate daily to maintain that young, youthful look.

Keep in mind that a chemical peel procedure can be performed regularly until you achieve your intended look.

If you’re ready for your chemical peel treatment or you simply want to discuss your options, our experts at The Dermatology Group in Cincinnati, Ohio will be happy to assist you. Give us a call today!

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