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Is Stress Impacting Your Skin?

We’ve all heard the warnings that stressing too much can have a negative impact on our skin. Let’s uncover the truth once and for all if stress has any affect on your skin.


How Stress Affects Your Skin

Being stressed out doesn’t just affect you emotionally and mentally, stress also manipulates your biology. Whenever your stress levels are high, it causes a serious spike in your cortisol levels. Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is responsible for immune system response, metabolism, and even increasing blood sugar. However, it is the effects on the body’s glands that lead to skin problems. When cortisol levels are high, it forces your glands to go into overdrive and unnecessarily produce more oil. An overproduction of natural oil (also known as sebum) is the leading cause for skin issues like breakouts and severe acne. High cortisol levels also cause inflammation. Inflammation can exacerbate skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, rash, and psoriasis.

High cortisol levels isn’t the only thing working against you. Having skin problems due to stress can stress you out even more, making the problem worse. This is a recipe for disaster, especially for individuals with acne-prone skin.

It’s clear that stress creates a vicious cycle for your skin. That’s why it’s extremely important to manage your health the best way you can.

Manage Stress With Exercise

Not only is exercise good for your overall health, but it can also raise your dopamine levels to help ease any stress. Minimized stress and good body health is a sure way to clear up mild skin conditions.

Get Enough Sleep, Stress Less

We all look better when we get plenty of sleep, but having a good night’s rest can also help you deal with potential stresses the next morning. Not only will enough sleep help your skin look radiant, it will help your mind adapt to whatever the day throws at it. If the brain is unable to relax after a long day, the body certainly won’t be able to.

Make Time For Happiness

We all have responsibilities at home and at work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make time for a bit of happiness. Whether you spend several hours a week in your hobby or going out for a night on the town every other weekend. Whatever it is that makes you smile and relax is important to make time for. Not only will you be generally happy, but your cortisone levels are sure to drop, thus paving the way for clear skin.

Take Care of Your Skin

No matter how stressed out you may be, neglecting personal routines can make matters worse. The more you breakout, the more stressed you become. The less sleep you get, the more your skin suffers, so be sure to listen to your doctor or dermatologist on best routines for inner and outer health.

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