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Is Your Skin Winter Ready?

Winter is a beautiful time of the year. Enjoying a cup of hot cocoa after spending the day outdoors may be nice, but the dry, cracking, itching skin is not. Winter can really throw our skin for a loop and many of us try our best to just deal with it, especially those with pre-existing skin issues like psoriasis and eczema. We’re here to help you get your skin winter ready, so that by the time that frigid air rolls around, your skin will be prepared for whatever mother nature throws at you.


How to Prepare Your Skin for Winter

Pull Out the Humidifier

The whole point of a humidifier is to bring moisture into the air. During winter, the cold winds and below-freezing temperature suck the moisture right out of the air, and subsequently, your skin. Your humidifier will help to replenish it. Be sure to use it at night when your skin is more prone to dryness. It’s a good idea to put the humidifier in your room, so you can replenish the moisture in your skin without having to think about it as you sleep.

Don’t Scrub Too Often

While exfoliating is a good habit to form, it’s not a good idea to exfoliate daily, especially in the winter. Daily scrubbing and exfoliating can inflame the skin and completely remove it of necessary natural oils. Try a couple of times a week to remove dirt and oil without harming your skin.

Use A Softer Cleanser

When it comes to taking care of your skin in preparation for winter, choose the type of cleanser that cleans and moisturizes. Since winter is notorious for drying out your skin, the last thing you want to do is choose a harsh cleanser that will further rid your skin of its natural moisture. Harsh soaps and cleansers contain various types of chemicals that strip your skin of oil. Use softer soaps that contain natural ingredients. A good rule of thumb is, if you can’t pronounce the ingredients on the label, odds are that the cleanser contains chemicals that can be harsh to the skin.

Wear Sunscreen Daily

Many people believe that you only need to wear sunscreen in the spring and summer months, but it’s just as imperative to wear it in the winter. Year round, the sun emits harmful UV rays. These UV rays can significantly damage the skin by drying it out, causing wrinkles and sun spots, even causing you to develop skin cancer. Luckily, there are various types of sunscreen that doubles as a moisturizer.

Take Care of Your Skin After Working Out

After you’re done working out and you take your shower, your skin can become dry and brittle if, especially after a hot shower. To keep this from happening, try showering with cool to warm water. This is a good way to keep your natural oils from being washed away. After your shower, be sure to pat dry with a towel instead of rubbing, and once you’re finished, apply a generous amount of moisturizer.

These tips are a great foundation for smooth and moisturized skin all winter long. If you want more information and are in Cincinnati, Ohio, then feel free to reach out to our experts at The Dermatology Group. We are here to help you explore treatment options, give you advice, resources, and more. Give us a call today!

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