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Latisse: How it Helps Grow Lashes

If you’re tired of fake lashes and annoying glue, you’ve probably looked into Latisse, a medication that helps your lashes grow naturally. But does it really work. And most importantly, how?

What is Latisse?

Latisse is a derivative of bimatoprost. Believe it or not, bimatoprost was developed as an eye drop medication to treat glaucoma. It just so happens that this drug increased the length of eyelashes and hair on other parts of the body. Since 2008, after receiving approval from the FDA, Latisse has been on the market helping people grow longer and fuller lashes.

How it Works

To be honest, no one truly knows how or why bimatoprost has the effect it has on lashes. The Latisse solution is a lipid compound that, when applied directly to the eyelashes, promotes growth over a period of time. Lipid compounds are a mixture of fats, oils, and waxes, often including certain vitamins. It’s possible that bimatoprost has just the right mix of oils, fats, and vitamins to give our hair growth. In order for Latisse to be fully effective, it must be applied every day. The continuous use of this medication is what stimulates growth. However, if at any point you stop using Latisse, the effects will reverse and your lashes will return to their normal appearance. So be sure to keep a steady routine to ensure your lashes stay full and long.

How is it Applied?

Once you have received a prescription from your doctor, you are ready to begin your routine of daily application. Here’s how:

  • Wash your face and hands thoroughly.
  • Carefully take one of the applicators from the package, making sure you do not touch the bristle.
  • Carefully add one drop of the Latisse solution on to the applicator brush. Do not exceed one drop!
  • Gently rub the applicator along the eye line, across the lashes, starting inward and moving away from the nose. Only apply to the top eyelid.
  • Gently dab any excess solution off of your eye with tissue to avoid any dripping.
  • Repeat with the second eye using the remaining applicator.

Be sure to read the instructions and warnings carefully. Latisse is a medicated product and should not be used carelessly. Avoid getting any solution into your eye or on any other part of your body. Never reuse applicators. Once you’ve applied the solution to your eyelid, discard them immediately. It’s also important to note that Latisse is not suitable for pregnant women or anyone who has previously taken medication for eye-pressure (glaucoma). As with any other medication, keep away from children.

When used properly, you’ll begin to see the effects of Latisse in three to four weeks, though the full treatment takes up to 16 weeks.

If you’re ready for longer, healthier eyelashes and are in the greater Ohio area, our experts at The Dermatology Group can discuss your options and help you with a treatment that works for you. Give us a call today.

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