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Our Best Makeup Tips for Aging Skin

Did you know that you could work wonders with the right makeup techniques to instantly take years off of your face? From smoothing out wrinkles to vanishing your age spots, perfecting your eyebrows and giving yourself younger-looking cheeks and cheekbones, take a look at our beauty makeup tips for aging skin.


How to Use Makeup for Aging Skin

Perfect Your Skin’s Texture

Aging skin can look and feel quite rough. Before applying any makeup, it’s best to prepare the skin first. Plumping serum is a good way to smooth out your skin and give that naturally radiant look. The best plumping serums contain natural ingredients like vitamins and antioxidants to encourage your skin to naturally plump. You should avoid any serums that contain silicone as they can make your skin feel sticky and suffocating. If you’re not sure, ask your dermatologist what they recommend.

Take It Easy On Foundation

It’s easy to get carried away with foundation. When you have multiple scars, marks, and dark spots, you feel the urge to simply cover it all with foundation. But this is not a good idea as it can look unnatural, clog your pores, and cause breakouts. Be sure to choose a foundation that doesn’t feel thick and heavy. Lighter is better!

Use Moisturizing Makeup

With the daily application and removal of makeup, it can really take a toll on the skin and dry it out. To battle this, you can be proactive by using makeup that simultaneously covers and hydrates. Many different brands of foundation, blush, and highlighters offer moisturizing products. So shop around a bit and find what works for you.

Rely On Face Oils

Speaking of dry skin, face oils can be your saving grace. In skincare, face oils can help supplement the natural oils in your face and balance it out to provide naturally hydrated skin. However, not only will it keep your skin balanced, but face oils can also help to better blend your makeup and help it set. You’ll want to discuss with your dermatologist the right cleanser for your skin so that you aren’t stripping your natural oils away and your makeup will feel better and wear better all day long.

Get Creative with Eyeliner

Believe it or not, you create an awesome optical illusion with your eyeliner. By using a matte pencil eyeliner, you can line the lower lash to accentuate your eye shape as well as make your eyes appear larger.

Use a Cream Blush and Highlighter Combo

Adding cream blush to your cheekbones is a good way to create a perky look. It can also give the illusion that your skin is reactive to the environment. Add a luminizing highlighter for finishing touches to make it the blush defined.

Pencil-in Fuller Lips

Just like with the eyeliner, a lip liner can make your lips fuller, which is helpful for those whose lips have thinned out over the years. Overline your lips with a neutral shade or shade that matches your lipstick so that when you add your lipstick within the line, your lips will look bigger.

Take Care of Your Skin

While these makeup tips can give you the youthful look you want, nothing compares to naturally having a youthful face. Not only can you develop habits to slow the aging process, but you can also use treatment to undo years of skin wear and tear.

If you’re in the Cincinnati, Ohio area then you’re in luck. Our experts at The Dermatology Group are here to help you explore treatment options, give you advice, resources, and more. Give us a call today!

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