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Tips on How to Age Gracefully Without Looking Plastic

It’s difficult and also somewhat painful to watch our bodies age as we get older, especially when there are preventative measures we can do to look younger. It is feasible to naturally delay the effects of aging by a few years with the help of a dermatologist. If you want to age gracefully without looking plastic, we put together this list of tips especially for you. These tips will help you look and feel younger and still look natural.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

Your skin will be supple and bright if you drink at least eight glasses of fluids each day. Water keeps your body hydrated and refreshed while also keeping your skin flexible. People who drink plenty of water have fewer wrinkles, acne scars, dark spots, and fine lines and exhibit fewer signs of aging than those who don’t. If you drink alcohol, it’s better if you stop because it causes your skin to age prematurely and quickly.

Always Stay on a Balanced Diet

Vitamin C from foods has been shown to help renew skin cells, decrease wrinkles, and protect your skin from UV rays when exposed to sunshine. According to research, people’s skin is better when they eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables, which are the main sources of vitamin C in foods. Vegetables, olive oils, tomatoes, and fruits like watermelon and avocado are all excellent additions to your diet. Processed foods, as well as high-calorie items like french fries, chips, and burgers with excess fats, should be avoided as much as possible. They have the potential to induce blackheads and acne.

Keep Your Skin Out of the Sun

The sun’s UV radiation is absorbed by the skin. The sun damage harms the elastic fibers that keep skin taut, causing wrinkles to appear. Age spots or “liver spots” on the hands, face, and other sun-exposed areas are also caused by sunlight. Wrinkles cannot be totally avoided, even with the best sunscreen use, so cosmetic dermatology procedures like Botox, dermal fillers, and more can help reduce their appearance.

Follow a Skin Care Routine Faithfully

We all have a go-to skin care routine, but when it comes to aging gracefully, how you implement your routine makes all the difference. For example, scrubbing your skin clean can cause irritation. Irritating your skin hastens the aging process. Gentle washing removes pollutants, makeup, and other impurities from your skin without causing irritation. Moisturizing aids in the retention of water in the skin, making it appear younger. Wash your face as often as possible during the day. In addition to following a gentle routine, you can rely on dermatology procedures. Chemical peels to remove dead skin, dermal fillers such as Kybella for sagging chin skin, and microneedling are all options to explore. When done correctly by experts like ours, you will see incredible results that will remove years from your skin.

If you happen to be in Cincinnati, Ohio, our experts at The Dermatology Group can give you more insightful information. Book a consultation with us today to find out more about your skin’s health and how best to slow down the clock.

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