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Top Dermatologist-Recommended Anti-Aging Treatments

At The Dermatology Group, we have a series of go-to anti-aging treatments that both we and our clients swear by. Oftentimes these procedures work better than other anti-aging procedures. These top five dermatologist-recommended anti-aging treatments can make you feel 17 again.

Best Ways to Reduce Skin Aging

1. Botox

Botox is one of the most popular anti-aging treatments in the world. Why? It just happens to be the most immediate and effective procedure that delivers instantaneous results. When administered by a licensed professional, Botox works to instantly paralyze the muscles in the face, stopping you from being able to make certain expressions that lead to creasing and wrinkling. With results lasting for up to six months, it’s one of the best and fastest options for turning back the hands of time.

2. Dermal Fillers

Similar to Botox, dermal fillers like Juvederm and Sculptra are injectable treatments. Instead of being filled with botulinum toxin like with Botox, dermal fillers are usually filled with a synthetic version of hyaluronic acid, the natural protein that provides our bodies with moisture and lubrication. Less risky than Botox, dermal fillers also last longer: up to twelve months or more.

3. Chemical Peels

Bordering along the lines of being a spa treatment, a chemical peel is actually a full-blown cosmetic procedure that can be used to treat dark spots, acne scars, and of course wrinkles and fine lines. Beginning with a steam facial and cleansing, the main part of a chemical peel is when a dermatologist applies a mixture of safe acids. Once removed, the skin reacts to the acids, and over the next week or so, it will blister and peel, revealing wrinkle-free, smooth, and fresh skin. Results can usually be seen immediately, but the real proof appears several weeks later.

4. Kybella

Kybella is an anti-aging treatment that reduces the appearance of a double chin. Kybella, too, is an injection, except it destroys fat cells to reduce the fat that appears underneath the chin. This procedure can take years off simply by tightening the skin over time. Full results can be seen after 4-6 weeks.

5. Dermal Optical Thermolysis (DOT)

DOT is a type of laser therapy that relies on the use of a special laser to correct acne scars, dark spots, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. DOT is a minimally invasive procedure that creates thousands of microscopic perforations in the skin. This essentially resurfaces the skin and promotes the growth of fresh, new skin.

6. ***BONUS*** Dermaplaning

While dermaplaning isn’t necessarily considered a true anti-aging treatment, the manual exfoliation experienced during the procedure can extend the results of treatments similar to chemical peels. During dermaplaning, an aesthetician will expertly glide a razor-like tool across the surface of your face in smooth, short strokes. This exfoliates the skin while simultaneously removing light wrinkling, evening out skin tone, and even shaving off peach fuzz.

These top five dermatology-recommended anti-aging treatments are sure to give you your youth back without much fuss. If you’re in Cincinnati, Ohio, give us a call today to see if these treatment options are right for you!

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