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Try Dermaplaning in Time for Springtime Makeup Trends

There’s just something about springtime that makes you want to start fresh and try new things. It’s also the time when makeup trends come back in full swing. With that being the case, it’s about time we get our faces prepped and ready to try out this year’s new spring looks. What better way to give ourselves a perfect canvas than with dermaplaning? Dermaplaning has become a popular facial procedure in the world of cosmetic dermatology, and for good reason. Let’s find out why!

What to Know About Dermaplaning

What Is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning, technically known as skin resurfacing, is a procedure that involves the light scraping of the face to rid the skin of dead skin cells, smooth out wrinkles, clear away acne scars, and even remove peach fuzz.

How Does Dermaplaning Work?

In quick, short motions, a dermatologist uses a razor-like object to scrape or shave along the surface of the skin. As the razor passes the skin, it clears away dirt, oil, and debris. Even though the scraping motion clears the face, it also works double-time to heal it. You see, those short strokes create what we call micro-injury. Any injury, including micro-injuries, triggers a natural reaction in the body that we refer to as healing. When the brain is alerted by the body of an injury, it signals a very important protein in the body known as collagen. Collagen plays a significant role in the rebuilding and repairing of damaged skin. It is responsible for giving skin its elasticity and bounce, so you can imagine why collagen is a secret weapon of any dermatologist. As the skin is gently scraped away, collagen goes to work to create a fresh new layer of skin. This new layer of skin is free of scars, wrinkles, and debris.

Why Dermaplaning Is Perfect for Makeup Application

Imagine you are about to paint a portrait. You pull out your canvas and notice that there’s dirt, dust, and maybe a little leftover paint on it. Would you want to paint on that dirty canvas or start fresh with a new one?

Think of makeup application that way. Your face take a lot of damage; sun damage, breakouts, scratches, clogged pores, other injuries. Before you try out 2021 spring makeup trends, it’s best if you take some time to create a fresh canvas. That’s what dermaplaning does. It clears away the old and brings in the new! It gives you a brand new canvas.

Additionally, having a clear face can help makeup look even and more natural. Dermaplaning facials can clear away the debris that would otherwise make products like foundation or highlighter look rough and uneven.

Once you’re ready to remove your makeup, make sure you successfully remove all remnants and moisturize immediately after. This will reduce your chances of oil-buildup and acne outbreaks which would undo the work done via dermaplaning.

If you’re ready to give dermaplaning a try, our experts at The Dermatology Group in Cincinnati, Ohio, can help you explore your best options and get you started. Give us a call today!

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