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What Does Water Really Do for the Skin?

Those with glowing skin often attribute it to a healthy lifestyle, which includes exercising, eating well, and above all, drinking plenty of water. Here is what drinking water can do for your skin health.

How Water Helps Your Skin

Reduces Wrinkles

When you’re hydrated, so is your skin. Since the skin is a vital organ, it needs plenty of water to work to its full potential. Not only is skin a protective barrier across your entire body, it is an excellent indicator of how healthy you are and how well you take care of yourself.

Water helps you retain skin elasticity. This means the chance of developing fine lines, wrinkles, and scars is reduced since water is able to bounce the skin back into its original state. As we age, our body has a more difficult time retaining water, so it’s essential to continue to drink as much water as possible throughout your life. For those who remain active, you will be better equipped to deal with skin changes, especially if you drink plenty of water after physical activity. Either way, your skin will give you plenty of notice if it’s dehydrated by appearing wrinkled or dry, so making sure to stay ahead of the game is essential for better overall skin health.

Reduces Skin Damage

Since water helps the skin bounce back to its original state, it can also help heal scars faster or offer a better overall skin tone to the new scar area. Whether it’s from an accident or acne, water can assist in recovery.

Water can also help reduce the amount or severity of acne breakouts a person suffers. Water helps the body flush out toxins so those toxins don’t show up on the skin. Certain types of toxins can cause acne, but dehydrated skin also won’t clear itself as quickly. Though water is certainly not a cure for acne, it can help in addition to an acne treatment recommended by your dermatologist. Additionally, when your skin isn’t dry, you won’t have to scratch it as often. The less you place your hands on your face or other parts of your body, the less of a chance you have of clogging your skin and intensifying acne breakouts.

If you get a sunburn or have sun damaged skin, water can also help to heal this faster by rehydrating the skin and bringing it back to its original state with minimal peeling and dryness.

Improves Skin Tone

Since water allows the skin to bounce back and heal scars faster, it’s easy to understand that it also helps improve overall skin tone. Since water flushes out toxins, it enhances blood flow, which helps the skin look clear and youthful. Water also minimizes puffiness and inflammation. If you’re prone to skin rashes, this lack of inflammation will help mitigate rash outbreaks. Especially for those who are active and suffer from heat rash, it’s imperative to drink plenty of water to bring your skin back to a comfortable state and temperature.

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