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What Is the Best Treatment for Hyperpigmentation?

Did you know that 47% of Americans say their skin is the primary source of their insecurities? The good news is that many exciting treatments treat a variety of skin concerns, and they are more accessible than ever. One of the main insecurities that people have is hyperpigmentation.

This is a common skin condition that occurs when the skin produces more melanin and creates patches of skin that appear darker than the surrounding areas. If you’re looking to know more about the treatment for hyperpigmentation, this is the guide for you.

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What Is Hyperpigmentation?

When you get spots or patches of skin that are darker than the surrounding skin, this is hyperpigmentation. These patches are a result of excess melanin production, and anything from hormone fluctuations to acne scars can cause them.

As stressful as it is to deal with hyperpigmentation, know that it’s a common skin condition, and there are skincare products that can help.

Treatment Options

Outside of over-the-counter products, there are a variety of other hyperpigmentation treatment options. Don’t feel disappointed if one option doesn’t work; there are several ways to get your skin back on track. Different types of hyperpigmentation might require their own special kind of treatment.

Lightening Creams

One of the most affordable and simple treatments for hyperpigmentation is lightening creams. These are filled with select ingredients, like niacinamide and licorice extract, that help decrease pigmentation. You can also find lightening creams that come in stronger prescription forms.

Face Acids

Face acids are a great option to add to your skincare routine. They work by exfoliating the top layer of your skin and allowing new skin cells to emerge and take the place of the old ones. This creates an overall smoother skin tone.

Look for alpha-hydroxy acids, such as glycolic or tartaric acid. There’s also salicylic acid, azelaic acid, and vitamin C.

Chemical Peels

If you’re dealing with moderate to severe hyperpigmentation, a chemical peel is a good option. This uses acids at stronger concentrations to treat a desired area of skin.

Although there are over-the-counter options, getting a professional-grade peel is better. Not only are they more powerful, but the results are quicker. Remember that this is a strong treatment, and if you’re out in the sun regularly, this might not be the best option for you.

Treatment for Hyperpigmentation

Americans will spend, on average, $15,000 on skincare in their lifetime. It’s no secret that people take pride in the appearance of their skin, and keeping it healthy can feel like a daunting task. Luckily, plenty of treatment options are available to get your skin looking better than ever.

Knowing the best treatment for hyperpigmentation can help even out your skin tone and make you feel more confident than ever. Don’t hesitate to speak to a dermatologist to know the right option for you.

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