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What to Do About Enlarged Pores

Believe it or not, there are several ways you can tackle enlarged pores and get them back to their correct size. Let’s take a quick look at the reason for enlarged pores.

For many people, having large pores is simply a skin type. There isn’t always a drastic reason for this. Naturally, some individuals have larger pores than others. It’s important to note that pores have a very specific function. There are two main types: one that releases sweat and one that releases sebum (the body’s natural oil supply). For those who do not have naturally large pores and they seemingly appeared out of nowhere, this may be due to your pores being clogged. A mixture of sebum, sweat, and dirt can get trapped inside, making your pores appear larger and even lead to acne. Having an increased number of hair follicles clogging your pores can also enlarge them. Therefore, reducing their size and appearance relies on being able to unclog them.

1. Avoid Oil-Based Skincare Products

If having excess sebum is the reason your pores are clogging up and enlarging, then it’s a really good idea to steer clear of skin care products that are oil-based. That’s because they only add more oil to your already clogged skin.

Instead, use only water-based products. If you’re unsure of what products those are, simply turn the product around and read the ingredients list. If the first ingredient is water, then it’s most likely water-based.

2. Exfoliate Once a Week

Exfoliating once a week is a great way to clear the face of any type of buildup. This can also give your pores a much needed cleansing. It’s important, however, that you do not overdo it. Too much exfoliating can lead to inflammation, redness, and even bruising. So take it easy, but scrub away when necessary.

3. Wash Your Face Often

Even though you should only exfoliate once a week, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash your face at all. It’s important that you reduce the risk of oil and sweat buildup as much as possible. The best way to do this is to wash your face regularly, especially when you’re feeling hot and/or sweaty. Also be sure to wash your face twice a day: once in the morning and once at night.

4. Use a Clay Mask

A clay mask is one of those products that works wonders when it comes to unclogging pores. There’s something satisfying about peeling away your face mask to reveal dots of gunk that had been previously embedded in your skin. Simply seeing the aftermath is enough to keep you doing this regularly.

5. Try Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments

Chemical peels and facials are more likely to get the desired results than any at-home remedy. That’s because a licensed dermatologist will be able to get a better view of your skin and have easier access to apply necessary techniques to unclog your pores, thus shrinking them.

If you’d like to try cosmetic procedures to shrink your enlarged pores and are in Cincinnati, Ohio, our experts at The Dermatology Group can provide advice, resources, and treatment options. Give us a call today!

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