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Why a Body Hair Removal Treatment Is Just What You Need This Spring

For many of us, spring is the best time of the year. The weather is perfect; not too hot and not too cold. It’s also the ideal time to treat yourself to cosmetic hair removal treatment. Here are the top three reasons why hair removal treatment is perfect during spring and how you can begin treatment today.

What Are the Benefits of Hair Removal

1. Boosts Your Self-Confidence

Many of us struggle with SAD in the winter. SAD is Seasonal Affective Disorder, a disorder that causes severe sadness and fatigue specifically during winter months. Luckily there are light therapies at top-notch dermatology clinics that can treat SAD. But when you’ve had enough of the cold, lonely winter, you can rely on hair removal treatment in the spring to bounce you back with a healthy boost of confidence.

2. Gets You Hair-Free and Ready for Summer

We always talk about having a great summer body, but what we fail to discuss is that getting a great summer body starts in the spring, especially in hair removal. Sure, a simple shave can give the appearance of flawless skin, but it takes real hair removal treatment done via cosmetic procedures that can give you long-term hairless skin. But it takes several cosmetic treatments over a period of time before the hair removal becomes semi-permanent. That’s why it’s best to start in the spring. Heading to your dermatologist for your hair removal treatments months in advance, gives you a head start on looking amazing for the summer.

3. Reverses Winter Isolation Growth

Let’s face it, between quarantine and being snowed in, isolation has not been kind to us. As we hibernated and hid from the cold and COVID, we’ve unashamedly grown out our hair with no need to keep ourselves trimmed and pristine. But as we head back out into society, it’s imperative that we step outside, putting our best foot forward and looking our best. Hair removal treatment can go a long way in making that happen.

One of the best cosmetic solutions for hair removal is laser therapy. Laser hair removal is a procedure that focuses on the hair follicle. Laser light penetrates the follicle and damages it with laser energy that is converted into heat. When the follicle is “burned,” it eventually falls out on its own and cannot grow back.

This is what makes laser therapy a semi-permanent hair removal solution. However, as we mentioned, in order for the hair loss to last for years, you will need several treatments. Not to worry, though. You’ll only need four to six treatments in a span of up to two months. So you’ll be smooth and silky before spring ends!

If you’re ready to head to your nearest dermatologist and jump into spring with smooth, shaven skin, finding the right dermatologist is absolutely imperative.

If you happen to be in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, then you’re in luck. Our experts at The Dermatology Group can offer advice, resources, and hair removal treatment options. So if you’re ready for hair removal this spring, give us a call today!

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